The Patriot Awards were designed to lead youth of the United States to a greater understanding of the amazing legacy we were given by our founding fathers. This legacy has afforded every person in the United States abounding freedoms that are often taken for granted.

These awards present the youth an opportunity to receive recognition for learning, working with family, working with people of varied race, creed, and gender, and experiencing the Heritage, Freedom, Citizenship, and Service of the United States of America. It is our hope that the youth will develop a stronger sense of themselves, their community, and their nation. We also hope that the adults in the youth's life will also pass on their heritage and learn more about this great land.

By completing each segment of the Youth Patriotism Awards, the youth earns a medal signifying their accomplishment and encouraging others to do the same.

All requirements can be done with a unit, group, family, or individually.

UPDATE (11/01/2017) - With a heavy heart, I have been forced to CLOSE the program.

All of the resources will be left up - please feel free to use the requirements as a guide for working with your youth - however - I will NOT be reordering supplies. I have a limited supply of most of the medals - please contact me at to inquire as to what I have left.